Friday, August 3, 2012

NYC - Day 1

Cameron has a 3 week training program in New York City for his new job. He will be working with RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Capital Markets in their Dallas office. So now I have the opportunity to visit him for a few days and explore the city with him this weekend. Next week I'll be off to Georgia to visit my family for a week. I gotta do something while he's gone so I don't go stir crazy - no better way to spend it than traveling.

I arrived in NYC yesterday after 12 hours of traveling. I left the apartment at 4:20 am with a short 10 minute taxi ride to Dallas Love Field. I flew to Baltimore with a nice long 3 hour layover before my final hour long flight to the city. I had the opportunity to sit next to a sailor who was escorting one of his men home after giving his life for our country's freedom. It was one of the hardest and powerful conversations that I have ever had with a perfect stranger. My heart was aching hearing about the fallen sailor's life - he was only 24 years old. His mother died a few years ago from cancer so his father is his only living family left. As we landed, the first thing I saw from the window was several police cars, a hearse, and several men and women dressed in their sailor white uniforms. The flight attendant asked everyone to remain in their seats as the sailor next to me and the pilot walked off the plane to escort the casket. It was truly moving and a beautiful experience to witness. Truly put things into perspective.

After unloading and getting my luggage I then took a taxi ride to the hotel that Cameron is staying. Our view from our room is over looking Ground Zero. The site is unbelievable. They are building two new towers that are a site to see. Just beautiful. And the memorial is incredible. We can see the site from our room, and seeing people flooding in all day long to see for themselves. Cameron and I were talking last night as we were walking the streets around the site about 9/11 and just trying to imagine what it would have been like to be here on that day. In one of his training sessions yesterday somebody told him that on 9/11 part of the plane's wings hit the RBC building.

We spent last night walking through the financial district, and walking down Wall Street which Cameron loved being able to see. He is so thrilled to be working with RBC and is so excited for this next step in his career.

I had literally just gotten out of the taxi after traveling for 12 hours and thrilled to see Cameron

Walking to go see the Statue of Liberty 

there are a ton of random little gardens like this around the city that we've seen

one of the new towers they are building. Cameron is in the building directly to the left and our hotel is the one on the right.

our hotel

Just ignore the lady hanging on the horns - no biggie 


  1. how fun! I really want to go to New York! love the pictures!

  2. What a great honor for you to be his companion on the flight. I know your heart and I know that you were the perfect person to sit next to him