Thursday, August 30, 2012

My & Bubs

**This post is dedicated to Charity & Kristen - since they have both asked for it.

After my trip to NYC to visit Cam, I headed to Atlanta/Athens to visit my family to keep me occupied while he was away. This post may be picture over load, mainly because these two boys are too sweet for words. The first half of my visit I stayed with my sister is Athens since both my parents work during the day, and spent a long weekend in Woodstock before heading back to Dallas. Charity has some of the best neighbors, and we joke that she lives in Pleasantville. One of her neighbors, Kristen, has a little boy, Myles, that is 6 weeks younger than Myers and they are the funniest little boys together. I loved spending every second with these boys. 

sorry Bubs, I really don't know why you're so blurry in the picture

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  1. I love you.
    I love that Myers is your nephew. Your'e an awesome Aunt. The best ever, I do think so.