Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our First Apartment

So finally after a few months of living in our new apartment, it's finally starting to look and feel like home. Since we are newly married, we've basically have started from scratch and slowly building up our collection with the help of our family.

And of course I had to post pictures, so here it is.


This is one thing I absolutely love about our apartment, our closet is HUGE. It's fantastic. 


And of course the bedroom. The Before:

yeah, our setup was pretty sweet. But don't worry, it's gotten even better.
The After: 
And all the thank you is due to Cameron's mom :) 

yes, our bed sets up 4 feet and we have to run and jump to get it. No exaggeration. But we are getting a lower setting box spring and then the bed skirt will fit and the whiteness at the bottom will go away.  :) 

our beautiful dresser :)

And the nightstand for my side. I am still on the hunt for lamps of course. 

It's still a work in progress, but we love it and it's all ours. :) 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Picnic in a tree

This is just another reason why we love Austin so much. We were down in South Austin running a few errands tonight, and for dinner we decided to stop at our favorite pizza place. It's a little slice of heaven. We both got a slice of our favorite pizza, and took our slices to the coolest tree to have ourselves a little picnic. Yes, we ate our pizza in a tree. 

I apologize for the picture not being the greatest of quality. We only had our phones with us and I couldn't not resist having a documentation of this adventure.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Top Five things about Austin:

1) Cameron loves his job. He loves what he does, he's happy when he goes to work, and just as happy when he comes home. He loves the work environment and he gets along great with his coworkers.

2) We live roughly fifteen minutes from downtown, it's fantastic. Downtown is such a fun city to explore and try new things. There are a ton of delicious restaurants all over, including my favorite Banarchy (a frozen banana stand that comes with your choice of toppings - HEAVEN). We have our pick of absolutely anything and everything. Cameron and I are always trying new places to figure out our new favorites to eat in our new city. Every Saturday morning, we try a new breakfast place. It's been so fun exploring and tasting new locations.

3) Not only is the food scene incredible, but the activities are endless. We kayaked the Town Lake one Saturday and had an absolute blast. It was so neat seeing all the incredible homes along the river. We also saw the bats fly out from Congress bridge. It's strangely beautiful. Right after sunset, hundreds of bats come flying out and hundreds of people are waiting just to see it whether they're on the bridge, on the grass by the river, or on a boat.

4) Austin is known for the music scene and now I understand why. Sixth street is famous for the music. Cameron and I spent one Saturday night walking up and down the street just exploring and listening to the new music. There is just about every kind of music for all different types of music lovers. It's just a fun way to spend a Saturday night.

5) We live in a town that sounds like Dr. Seuss named it - Pflugerville. We are close enough to downtown to go down whenever we would like, but we also live away from all the chaos. It's a pleasant little town just north of Austin. We have a wonderful view from our apartment. On the far side of a field we can see the steeple of our church building. It's a wonderful place for us to start our lives together.