Wednesday, July 27, 2011

one year older...

So this is what I wake up to on the morning of my birthday. Cameron woke up early, and decorated our apartment. Made the cute little banner, and got a little princess sticker happy, blew up the balloons, and hung up the streamers. He surprised me by taking the day off work and played hookie. We spent the day at Schlitterbahn, and spent the evening relaxing and eating ice cream cake on the sofa. Best birthday ever I must admit. Cameron - you are the best & I love you to the moon and back. xoxo!!

Also my sneaky sister organized this for my birthday. She sent family and friends an email with an assigned postcard to send to me in the mail. So my mailbox was flooded all birthday week with sweet notes from some of my favorite people. Thank you!! I was deeply spoiled for my birthday.

"I'm so glad you were born." Cutest & best thing ever. One of my absolute favorite things ever is sending/receiving cards. 

I do believe every birthday should involve a birthday celebration all week. Best thing ever. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

we moved!

Yes - we moved out of Pflugeville and into Austin proper over 4th of July weekend, and we LOVE it! We are now closer to downtown, which cuts Cameron's drive from 20 miles to 10 miles to work. (For those of you who don't know, Cameron works in the heart of downtown Austin.) My drive to school is only 7 minutes versus 20 minutes. We are closer to everything which is fantastic. There is a running trail that we just love behind our complex around the lake. We wasted no time unpacking and making it home again. We moved in on a Saturday, and the last box was unpacked by Sunday night.

Cameron's parent's, Logan, Jon & Wendy and their kids came down from Dallas to help us. Also our friends Spencer & Ashley from Pflugerville helped us move. We are so thankful for your help, and sacrificing a Saturday to help us. We love y'all! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Our new sofa
(Char I told you I had my Georgia blanket on the back. ;) I know, I need a pretty one. Keep an eye out for me. )

The kitchen - it's much smaller than our other one. So that's been a huge transition. So I am still playing around with what will work, what I like, ect... 
The washer & dryer are on the back wall. I am thinking of adding a curtain to help separate the two while I do laundry. 

Dinner area. The pictures of the floor will obviously be put up sometime. The THATCHER frame on the wall is my all time favorite thing in our home. Too bad that the thermometer is right there. 

Cameron's Ukrainian memorabilia. 

I painted the plate and Cam painted the bowl. We are so ready to go back to Cabo San Lucas.