Friday, July 27, 2012

chapter 2

Well, we have officially been moved into our new apartment for a week now. We were so sad to leave Austin. It was such an awesome city and we loved every moment of it. It's where we built our marriage foundation and became us. We know that we were so spoiled with Cameron's plush 40 hour work week when he'd be home everyday by 4:10 and we would have the rest of the evening to have adventures. Even while we were there we knew that we would look back at those days with fondness and wish for them again - so we never took a day for granted. Austin - you were so good to us. I miss you already.

We now live in Dallas - I'm still having a hard time accepting that we live in here. It's so crazy to me. We live just north of downtown. Cameron works in the heart of downtown and his office is only 4 miles away from where we live so he never has to take highway to work which is super nice. He has a nice 10-15 minute commute to work. Now he only has to worry about timing the red lights correctly. Cameron has four brothers and his parents in the area so it's nice that we will have so much family nearby. One thing I am so excited about is being able to see the family and our nieces and nephews so often now which will be so nice for us.

Our first sweet visitors coming to keep me company as I'm learning this new city

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  1. Thanks for not pointing to the elephant in the room and saying, "Cameron has every single family member in the area except one grumpy brother and his grumpy wife..." :)
    Hope you guys are adjusting okay.
    Bonus for us is that now we get to see you every time we make it to Dallas in the next 5 years. (And maybe we'll finally jump on the bandwagon and move there too once all of this training is done!)