Thursday, November 29, 2012

post - gobble gobble in georgia

The last few days we spent in Georgia was spent making my mom's cookie dough so we can bring it back to Texas for us to enjoy, loving on Myers, and enjoying some down time before we made the 13 hr drive back on Sunday. Yes, two hours longer due to Thanksgiving traffic. Not fun. We were so over the car by the time we made it home.

two of my favorites 

the only 20 month old I know that doesn't use a sippy cup - a cup and a straw is the only way this kid will drink. 

"uncle cam - like this!" 

good old Waffle House for breakfast

Cameron was the only one that could mix all the goodness in the cookie dough. And Myers wanted to help taste test it. 

One of the sweetest and thoughtful gifts I have ever been given. Charity made it for my for Christmas. It's 42 inches by 42 inches. It - is - huge. I was shocked that Cameron was able to fit it in the Corolla and it made it home untouched. It's navy, my wedding color, and the edges are coral which was Charity's wedding color - and a meaningful word for inside the heart. I find myself staring at it several times during the day. It makes a huge statement in the living room. I am one blessed girl to have a sister like I do in my life. Sisters are the best. 

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving morning Charity, Derek, Myers, Cameron & I all went and hiked Kennesaw Mountain before we stuffed our faces full of food later that day. A little tradition we started a few years ago after Charity and Derek moved to Marietta for a bit. The house was full of people. My aunt, uncle and his family, and my Mimi all came over to join on the delicious feast that my mom prepared. 

our sorority joke picture 

everybody gathered before we ate and gained another notch in our belts.

literally right after we ate, Dad already started falling asleep at the table

pre-gobble gobble in georgia

Cameron and I spent Thanksgiving in Georgia this year with my parents and my sister and her little family. We made the 11 hr drive on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Cam and I are road trip experts by now. Best part about driving out for the holidays?! Bringing back a cooler full of your moms sweet potato souffle, stuffing, and lots of cookie dough (sorry Charity & Derek...kinda but not really). We were finally able to give Myers some spoiling and loving. Funniest little boy and he loves his Uncle Cameron. Watching the two of them interact was one of my favorite parts of the trip, oh and hearing Myers say "Che-sea" for the first and only time so far. Stinker.

anytime the broom comes out, he runs to grab the dust pan to help. 

he's been saying "Oreo" for a while now - but he made me wait till the last day for him to say my name... 

visiting my dad at his shop

we were at home depot since the day before Thanksgiving we decided to build a new pantry ;) Myers loved watching the big saw. I think this was the same expression for a good ten minutes or so. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Friday we went to Lake Lavon with Cameron's parents, Jon & Wendy and their kids. The weather was cool & crisp and perfect for camping. It was great being able to see the stars at nighttime. The kids loved it and I'm pretty sure the adults loved it too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


October recap: 

We spent lots of time loving on some of our nephews...

took them to watch airplanes land...

did some karaoke. obviously cameron has some mad skill.

went to the Texas State fair...

saw some awesome halloween decorations...

carved our first pumpkin since we've been married...

lunch dates...

got mario, luigi, and a zombie ready to go to the trunk or treat...

and had our 4th Halloween together. best first date ever where we stayed up talking late and Cameron told me all about his family and his nieces and nephews. Little did I know that those nieces and nephews would be mine too one day. I am one lucky girl. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My & Bubs

**This post is dedicated to Charity & Kristen - since they have both asked for it.

After my trip to NYC to visit Cam, I headed to Atlanta/Athens to visit my family to keep me occupied while he was away. This post may be picture over load, mainly because these two boys are too sweet for words. The first half of my visit I stayed with my sister is Athens since both my parents work during the day, and spent a long weekend in Woodstock before heading back to Dallas. Charity has some of the best neighbors, and we joke that she lives in Pleasantville. One of her neighbors, Kristen, has a little boy, Myles, that is 6 weeks younger than Myers and they are the funniest little boys together. I loved spending every second with these boys. 

sorry Bubs, I really don't know why you're so blurry in the picture