Friday, June 1, 2012

memorial weekend

We spent a nice long weekend in Dallas over memorial weekend. Cameron spent Friday playing in a golf tournament with some of his brothers for the high school golf team, and I went over to Allen to see Margo and her twin girls. And it happened to be my first time driving in Dallas alone, which is a small success in my book. Driving in Dallas always overwhelms me. On Saturday, Cameron and Jon spent a good 5-6 hours working on the 4runner - changing the 02 sensor, the oil, ect... (to be honest - I really don't know what all they did, I just know they were covered in grease and oil). 
Monday I ran in the Patriot 5k, and Wendy ran the half marathon which she's now trying to convince me to do a half with her. After the race, the boys decided that the breaks needed changing and a few other things that would only take 3-4 hours, and that ended up being a good 9-10 hours due to a few hiccups. But they got done what they needed to, and we were about to make it to Austin with no problem. Thanks again Wendy for letting us steal your husband on Memorial Day. Y'all rock and we love you. 

Don't worry - the duct tape is gone. That's the first thing I asked too. 

This was photographed by Will - he says it's abstract.

My biggest cheerleaders.  

"Wendy - why did you convince me to do this again??" ;) 

"Aunt Chelsea - Remember how we take pictures on your tomputer?? Yeah it's fun. Let's take pictures."


  1. It makes me happy that you love Cameron's family - and that they love you. Remind Cameron that he promised he would bring you home!

    Miss you so much baby girl

  2. love the car pictures! You're gonna rock that race!