Sunday, May 15, 2011


One year. We've been married for a year already?? Wait. What??

 For the past month I've said to Cameron over and over "if we didn't have eternity, I'd be super mad about how fast this year has flown by." Nobody ever told me how fast it goes! But it's been good, super good. No compliments here. Since our actual anniversary falls on Sunday, we did the celebration dinner on Saturday. Plans never turn out too well for us, we'll plan on doing something all week and when the day comes to do it we like to change it up. We planned on going to P.F. Chang's, then I saw the Cheesecake Factory and I've never had it so we went there instead. Delicious, just delicious. 

Married life is the happy life. And Cameron - you are the best and the engine that keeps us going. Thank you for all that you do and who you are. Ya lyublyu tebya! Bring on the future years. 

Our Song: You & Me - Dave Matthews Band

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  1. congrats! :) its crazy how fast time flies!