Monday, May 23, 2011


There is nothing better than coming home, home where you were born & raised. The smell of the house you were raised in, and seeing your big sister become a momma. Nothing changes at home and you can always count on it being the same. Feeling the green beautiful grass in your parents front yard and the smell of the rose garden and laying in the hammock that your parents have had since who knows how long. The most gorgeous yard ever. Then seeing your best friend of twenty years again and somehow you both have husbands (when did we become old enough for that Carrie??).  I love coming home more than anything, Georgia I love you. You have treated us very well this visit between the wonderful weather, loving on our nephew & visiting family, and going to the most lovely southern wedding we have ever been to.

Myers - we love you oh so much. Please don't get any bigger until we come visit you again. You are such a joy. 

*sorry for the quality, they were taken from the iPhone...

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  1. Chelsea! Your hair is so cute! Looks like Myers got lots of lovin while you two were here!!! :D