Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lazy day on the river

Now that we are finally somewhat settled into our new home, we decided that we need to find out what makes Austin so wonderful. Cameron heard about kayaking down the Austin River from one of his co-workers and we decided to check it out as a late birthday shindig for my twentieth. It was a perfect. We got to the dock, got our life jackets, and got into a double kayak and spent two hours paddling and floating. The river was packed but luckily it's a huge river and we never felt like we were in a huge crowd. We saw tons of people on the sides of the river just swimming and jumping in from a rope swing. I was dying to try it but Cameron was hesitant. So finally we found a rope that wasn't surrounded by people and tied our little kayak to the shore. I have never jumped from a rope swing so I was beyond nervous. So Cameron decided to be the brave one, climbed up the tree and jumped in. He actually had to do it twice before I could get the courage to endure it. I finally decided that I just had to do it and stop thinking about it. I grabbed the rope, went up the tree, stood there for minute and then people were paddling by and stopped to watch me jump. I couldn't back down now so I jumped. Loved it. We made a few more jumps and then had to head back to the dock. Sadly we didn't bring the camera, now I wish that we had. But I am almost positive that we'll be spending another Saturday very soon out on the river. I did get a few pictures at the very end. This was definitely one of the most fun ways to spend a Saturday in the summer time.

just for you char


  1. That looks like so much fun! I can't wait until we get to come visit!