Thursday, November 29, 2012

pre-gobble gobble in georgia

Cameron and I spent Thanksgiving in Georgia this year with my parents and my sister and her little family. We made the 11 hr drive on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Cam and I are road trip experts by now. Best part about driving out for the holidays?! Bringing back a cooler full of your moms sweet potato souffle, stuffing, and lots of cookie dough (sorry Charity & Derek...kinda but not really). We were finally able to give Myers some spoiling and loving. Funniest little boy and he loves his Uncle Cameron. Watching the two of them interact was one of my favorite parts of the trip, oh and hearing Myers say "Che-sea" for the first and only time so far. Stinker.

anytime the broom comes out, he runs to grab the dust pan to help. 

he's been saying "Oreo" for a while now - but he made me wait till the last day for him to say my name... 

visiting my dad at his shop

we were at home depot since the day before Thanksgiving we decided to build a new pantry ;) Myers loved watching the big saw. I think this was the same expression for a good ten minutes or so. 

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