Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Cameron!!

I love birthdays, and I love turning them into birthday weekends. Cameron turned 26th on Thursday. Hooray! We decided to take a half day of work on Friday and go golfing. This was my first time ever on a course. It was a perfect fall day. Bless Cameron for being patient with me as I learned. Luckily the course wasn't crowded and we were able to take our time and enjoy being out there.

Cameron says at least his golf swing is better than Charles Barkley's. ;)

Saturday we went to Texas Roadhouse for Cameron's birthday dinner with Spencer and Ashley. And enjoyed some delicious apple crisp with blue belle vanilla. (Thanks Margo for the recipe. It was delicious!) 

Happy Birthday Cameron!! 
I love you to the moon & back. 

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  1. fun! happy birthday Cameron. We were thinking about you, even if we forgot to call- sorry.