Friday, March 4, 2011

Lets just brag for a moment...

Yes, I would like to brag about my very talented big sis. She and her hubs are expecting their first son towards the end of March. Super soon. She has been working, sewing, creating, crafting this nursery to perfection for the past 9 months and it is finished! I cannot wait to see it in person, I hear it's even cuter in person if you can believe that...

(the bottom center picture is of Chance & Jenny with President Monson, cool huh??)

All photo credits are due to Megan D. You did fabulous job! Both you ladies did. :)

Now the only thing left, is Baby C. Hurry up, we sure do love playing with our nephews & nieces.


  1. That is a beautiful nursery!
    Will just told me that he misses Cameron and Chelsea and wants you to go back to Grandma's house so he can play with you. Now he's talking about how far away your house is. He's going to bring some toys because you don't have any. (sorry, he's being so cute I have to pass it all along.)
    He thinks the room is cute, too!

  2. 9 months hardly!! I didn't have a thing done in there until about 6 weeks ago, and that was just a coat of paint ;)
    Love you sister...