Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hello September, you came and went - very quickly might I add. But you have treated us very well. The highlights of the month...

  • Cameron turned twenty-five. I love birthdays, and I feel like love is an understatement. I turned his birthday into a week and a half celebration. I would do something for his birthday everyday of the week leading up to the big day. So fun! 
  • I got a job, and that keeps me busy. I work at two different locations but it's still with the same company. I work in the mornings from 8:30-12:30, then 2:30-7. So that makes for a long day, but it goes by so quickly. 
  • Cameron and I are team teaching the Valiant 9 in primary. It's the first time I've ever taught a class, so I'm extremely grateful that Cameron is there to help. 
  • We got our tickets to go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving! We'll be there for a week which will be super nice. 
  • And of course - the weather is finally starting to feel like fall. It has been a long hot summer and the cooler weather is very welcomed. (Ask me again in a few months and I'll be aching for the heat back.)

Life is happy and newlywed life is treating us far too well. All is well. 

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